#PuppySecrets #SayenchiChihuahuas #ITV
Sayenchi Chihuahuas ITV's Puppy Secrets: The first 6 months! #SayenchiChihuahuas #PuppySecrets #ITV
Sayenchi Chihuahuas ITV's Puppy Secrets: The first 6 months! #SayenchiChihuahuas #PuppySecrets #ITV
ITV's Puppy Secrets: The first 6 months!

Puppy Secrets:
The First Six Months


We have been filming with Plimsoll Productions as part of a new 2 part series called "Puppy Secrets: The first 6 months!" produced for ITV which was aired on
Wednesday 19th October 2016 - PART 1
Wednesday 26th October 2016 - PART 2


Watch the preview below from the ITV Press Centre website:



Here is what Plimsoll Productions had to say about the show...



Puppy Secrets: The First 6 Months is a 2 x 60-minute show which will tell the story of four sets of puppies in great detail from their journey as newborns which are unable to see or hear, into full-fledged young dogs.

Throughout the course of the series, a rescue pup is found a new home, a pair of collie pups are chosen to join a top sheepdog trainer, a future assistance dog is put through its paces and a tiny Chihuahua pup negotiates the big city.

Plimsoll’s head of wildlife Martha Holmes said that she was planning a “captivating” programme.

“We’re using some of the most advanced natural history techniques to tell a story that we’ve possibly all witnessed but never really understood the complexity of what’s going on,” she said.

ITV factual commissioning editor Priya Singh, who ordered Puppy Secrets added: “It’s a hugely privileged look into this very special and rarely seen time in a puppy’s early days, packed rich in surprising detail.”

In a unique, long-term study, we reveal the remarkable abilities of puppies and the incredible speed of their development. The series charts the journey of four different sets of puppies, from hapless newborns that can’t see or hear, into fully-fledged young dogs ready to fulfill their roles in our lives. Rescue pup, Betsy, finds a new home; Collie pups, Jack & Jill, are chosen by Britain’s top sheep dog trainer; future assistance pup, Neave, is put through her paces and tiny Chihuahua pup, Louie, takes on the big city!

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ITV's Puppy Secrets: The first 6 months!