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Qualified & Insured K9 Fertility Clinic providing:

• Artificial Insemination • Semen Analysis • Ovulation Cytology
• Microchipping • Ultrasound Scanning • Nail Clipping
• DNA Health & Colour Testing • Puppy Whelping & Breeding Advice
• Anumul & King K9 Supplements • Ovulation Assist • Semen Enhancers

​What do we offer to our clients at Devon K9 Clinic by Sayenchi?

As mentioned above, we provide multiple different non-intrusive and non-surgical services to our clients pets, all of which are explained in greater detail below for your better understanding of each service.

We are have been trained and are qualified with multiple organisations AND are fully insured and vet approved.


Our Services:
Artificial Insemination
Artificial Insemination (A.I.) - from £50 per insemination.


​Artificial insemination is the assisted reproductive technique that imitates a natural mating. It involves instillation of semen extracted from a male dog into the uterus of a bitch during the most fertile part of her season.It is most frequently performed in bitches that have normal estrous cycles who may have a history of failure to conceive after natural mating or an inability to be bred naturally. We also perform A.I.'s on dogs where the semen has been shipping from further afield OR to ensure a hygienic mating when using an external stud dog. Successful artificial insemination results in pregnancy.

PLEASE ASK ABOUT OUR FERTILITY BUNDLE - This will save you money on your matings.

Ovulation Cytology - £30 per swab.

​Ovulation cytology is the test most commonly used to confirm when a bitch is ovulating. For this test, a microscope slide is prepared from a vaginal smear made by inserting a sterile cotton swab through the vulva into the vagina, avoiding the vestibule. The cells from the cranial vagina walls easily exfoliate upon swabbing, this doesn't harm the dog in any way and most don't even notice us performing this procedure. After the cells are collected, the swab is rolled onto a glass microscope slide. The slide is allowed to air dry and is then checked under a microscope for signs of ovulation.

Ovulation Cytology
Semen Analysis
Semen Collection & Analysis - £30 per sample.


Semen analysis includes motility analysis to determine sperm viability and morphology analysis to identify sperm abnormalities. This is performed to determine semen quality. Viability is determined by the amount of sperm with forward motility. Therefore, motility is considered the most important parameter in measuring semen quality. Motility can be analyzed by placing a drop of undiluted semen on a slide and placing it under the microscope for examination at 200 to 400x magnification. At least 70% of the sperm should exhibit forward motility. Sperm morphology is analyzed to determine the percentage of morphologically normal sperm in the semen.

Semen Chilling & Shipping - £150 within U.K. (more if sending abroad).

Chilled semen samples can be sent or received via next day specialised shipping, should the stud dog not be located within close proximity to your bitch, which can then be facilitated within our clinic. 

Fresh semen has a short life span without preservatives and an energy source. Fresh semen can be immediately instilled by artificial insemination methods if the female has already undergone ovulation timing. To prepare chilled semen, fresh semen is extracted and centrifuged, which is then mixed with a commercial extender that serves as an energy source for the spermatozoa. The semen is slowly chilled for an hour to preserve the longevity of the sperm during transport. The method used for further preparation and packaging of the semen is then undertaken by the initial clinic. Chilled semen must be shipped overnight or ASAP (ideally in 24 hours) to the owner of the female dog that is to be bred.

Testing to determine ovulation timing MUST be conducted before the semen is shipped as if the bitch isn't ready, this whole process will be a waste of time due to semen not being able to live for long periods of time once shipped.

Animal Microchips
Microchipping - from £5 per animal.

​We are qualified & fully insured implanters of microchips in dogs, cat and small mammals. Our training was conducted through Peddymark and our microchips are provided & registered by DEFRA authorised supplier "Animal Microchips (AMC)".
We work in partnership with Animal Microchips, offering you and your pet the latest in microchipping technology.

Our professional and fully qualified implanters can microchip your pet.

  • After checking that the animal does not already have a chip, our technican implants the chip and records the chip's unique ID on the Animal Microchips database. 

  • No anesthetic is required it is a simple procedure and causes little discomfort: the pain is minimal and short-lived. 

  • A test scan ensures correct operation.

Check out their website for further details OR contact us if you are a microchip implanter and would like to us AMC.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning - £30 per scan.

​Ultrasound scanning examination, also known as ultrasonography, is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes or reflections of ultrasonic waves. Unlike x-rays, which are potentially dangerous, ultrasound waves are considered to be safe and can be done whilst the animal is fully awake.

ScanPad+ ultrasound equipment from Vet Image Solutions directs a narrow beam of high frequency sound waves into the area of interest. The sound waves may be transmitted through, reflected or absorbed by the tissues that they encounter. We only use the latest, top of the range equipment, ensuring you get the most correct and accurate results.

Canine Ultrasound Scanning
DNA Health & Colour Testing
DNA Health & Colour Testing - POA.


We can provide both health testing and colour testing services via buccal swabs which are sent off to a laboratory for professional examination to determine a multitude of results.

Should you want to test for individual health tests such as DM, PDE/NME, HUU, PLL, vWD1, PRA,  just to name a few, this can be done quite simply by taking a swab of the inside of the cheek of your pet.

We can also test for a multitude of coat colours, patterns and even lengths. Again this is performed in the same way as health testing, via a buccal swab of the inside of the cheek of your pet.

Semen Wake & Bake - from £60 per sample.

​Our Wake & Bake service allows you to have chilled semen sent from anywhere in the world, to our clinic, where we can then artificially inseminate your bitch once prepared. A careful process is adhered too, to ensure semen is woke up correctly from its chilled state. This ensures you get the optimum performance and most viable sample possible. We do not deal with frozen semen, this has to be inseminated via TCI (Trans Cervical Insemination), a procedure only available at a vets.


We highly recommend cytology (or progesterone) before performing this procedure!

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning - POA.


We are now able to provide ultrasonic teeth cleaning sessions for your dogs using the latest state of the art technology. This is a non abrasive, no vibrating, no noise treatment that helps reduce plaque, gum problems and clean teeth ensuring your pets mouth is beautifully clean helping assist with better smelling breath. We are fully trained and qualified with EmmiPet.

Nail Clipping - £5 for pups. £10 for adults.

​We offer the option to have you dogs nails clipped or your litter of puppies should you need them trimmed.
We have procedures and equipment in place to minimise the risk of cutting nails to short and making them bleed. However, should this happen, we have veterinary approved styptic pencils containing silver nitrate to stop any bleeding.

We try our upmost to ensure bleeding doesn't happen, however sometimes even with the best intentions, this may occur.

Nail Clipping
Puppy Whelping & Advice
Litter Whelping & Advice


Litter whelping can be a difficult and sometimes stressful process. Let us take the pressure off a little by offering to assist you with the whelping of your litter. We can either just help with the birthing/whelping process OR we can assist with ongoing support. We offer 15+ years experience in the whelping of both small and large breeds and have all the equipment available for sale to assist your bitch during this precious time. Please contact us to enquire about what products we have for sale.

Anumul/King K9 Supplements

​We stock the FULL range of Anumul and King K9 supplements for both dogs AND cats. They are a 100% natural, veterinary approved range of products to assist with all aspects of canine and feline fertility and breeding needs including:

  • Life Saver - Vitamins, minerals, colostrum etc... for new-born and weak pups.

  • Conceive Carry Whelp/Queen - A complex mix to help conception rates, assist with a smooth pregnancy & easy whelp.

  • Optimal Stud Support - Formulated to meet the needs of a working stud dog, helping support semen quality.

These are just a few of the fantastic products available. CLICK HERE to see the full range.

Dog Scentz - Fragrances, Disinfectants & Carpet Shampoos

A premium range of dog perfumes and fragrances, kennel cleaners and disinfectants and carpet shampoos. Available in over 25+ different "scentz" including Baby Powder, Cherry, Lemon, Bubble Gum and some other VERY well known and familiar names like Doggo Boss, Millions, Breed, Doop, Sau-sage, T-Alien, In Biscuit, Bark Opium, JPG etc... just to name a few. 

To view a full range of the different products we stock, please CLICK HERE.

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Working in partnership with Animal Microchips, Anumul, King K9, Dog Scentz and more!

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